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Member Id:98498
Location:Pensacola, Florida, United States
Last online:Fri 8Nov2019
Profile updated:Thu 21Nov2019
Limited experemce seeks guidence
Only been with 6 guys total. First was a friend in high school where I discovered I love being naked especially around another guy or guys . went 22 years before another experemce abd took a side job for two older gay nudist that stayed naked porn on 24/7 in two different rooms friends thst popped in at anytime day or night. Extremely layed back no pressure environment. Over the next few months discovered I love sucking a cock. And if someone even touches plays with or teases my ass I become so hot and horny that they could pretty much do anything they wanted with me. With women im very dominate and in control but hsve discovered with the few guys I've been with I tend to let them have control and actually desire it. It's now been 12 years since one seen another cock in person or touched or been touched by another guy And it's all I can think about. And now love shemales fucking shemales porn and now having desires and fantasies I would have never thought I would be desiring. Would like tonight to find someone I can trust i could allow control to help me to expore and experiment in some of these new fantasies. I love sucking a cock. 69 me on top. Btm 3 times and love it. Had a 3some and fucked whole sucking a cock. Love being naked watching porn and will become very obvious when I want someone to take control and thenim open wikking and eager to let them do almost anything with me they want
53 years old. Looking for male or female friends, men or women for dating and casual encounters with guys or girls, preferably between the ages of 25 and 80.
My Interests
I enjoy bowling, camping, fishing, going to the beach, hiking, sailing, scuba diving, sunbathing and swimming and my favourite social events include visiting gay saunas. At home I'm happiest when cooking, viewing pornography or surfing the net. I get involved in exhibitionism, male modelling, nudism, role play, striptease and voyeurism.
Some Of My Preferences
I enjoy various types of food I usually prefer to drink anything alcoholic. I like pornography movies and, on TV, I like watching movies or pornography.
My Stats
In or out?:Nobody knows my sexuality
Languages spoken:I only speak English
Preferred residence:Rural