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Member Id:98006
Location:Millville, New Jersey, United States
Last online:Thu 2May2019
Profile updated:Fri 4May2018
Older Married bisexual man and wife 4 playmates
I'm a MWM, 63 and very bisexual, I'm 5'8", 180 with a stocky build, Italian decent. I'm extremely turned on by younger guys in their early 20's to mid 30's age bracket. I prefer guys who are slim, toned, under 6' tall, clean cut boyish looking, who have very little or no body hair and completely shaved smooth and bare in the private areas. I'm into white, Asian and Hispanic men and have experience playing with younger men. I am married to a bisexual woman who is 11 years younger than me, we are very much in love and she supports and encourages my sexual orientation. We have no secrets and we do everything and share everything together, even other men.

I would love to find a fully bisexual or gay man fitting the above description, who would want a sexual relationship as well as a social relationship with me and my wife. I know some gay men might find this a crazy request but I have met and played with at least a half a dozen gay men over the last 3 years who were bi curious and played sexually with both my wife and I, they turned out to be very good experiences but unfortunately they all live too far to become a regular weekly or even monthly playmate.

We are even open to meeting a MM couple where either one or both of them are bi curious.
66 years old.
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